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SOC214C Illumination Project III

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Applies the sociological perspective to the study of social problems and possible solutions through interactive theater. Explores the central questions around institutional privilege, power and oppression, social identity, cultural assumptions and discrimination. Examines the many ways in which social contexts, institutional structures, and unequal relations of power shape society and how collective behavior can lead to social change. Includes writing, producing and performing in interactive theater presentations that explore the causes, consequences and solutions to societal inequities such as racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism and others. Focuses on the development of the skills needed to think critically about social inequity and social change. This is the third course of a three-course sequence. Prerequisites: SOC 214B. Audit available. (See course content and outcomes.)

Credits: 4

List of classes for SOC214C Illumination Project III
CRNClass typeLocationDays & timeDatesSeats availableFacultyMore info
25295In-personSylvania PAC 101
Monday and Wednesday
from 11am to 12:50pm

From April 1 through June 12, 2024
Jeannie E LaFranceBooks for CRN 25295 $0
Class details for CRN 25295
Notes: Rehearsals Fri 10-12:50.Contact jlafranc@pcc.edu to register
and In-personSylvania PAC 101
from 10am to 12:50pm

From April 5 through June 14, 2024

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