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Sylvania CC Building, Room 116 | General Info: 971-722-4670 | Contact: Print Center

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The Print Center produces print and digital materials for everyone—students, faculty, staff and community members are all welcome here. We strive to offer convenient and inexpensive services, though we are not in competition with commercial vendors. There are many reasons to use the Print Center and we look forward to working with you.

For more information on how to utilize the PCC Print Center services, refer to the Print Center Handbook. This Handbook covers everything from pricing, how to place your order, design services, do-it-yourself tips and tricks and more. For best viewing and functionality, please download this handbook rather than reading it in your browser.

Production/Retail Center

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Our full-service Print Center is located at the Sylvania Campus and serves PCC district-wide. We also provide FREE delivery to secure locations at most campuses and centers. Whether you need black and white class handouts, color flyers, large color posters, or just design assistance, we’re your one-stop shop. If there’s something you would like that we can’t completed in-house, one of our trusted local vendors is sure to help. For a list of our services and prices, check out our Price Guide.

Sylvania Campus - Amo DeBernardis (CC) Building, Room 116 (accessible from outside of building only)
General questions:
Amber Mendel, 971-722-4346
7am-4pm, Monday – Friday, closed weekends

The Print Center has begun using 30% recycled paper to replace the virgin 20lb bond previously used in fleet printers and copy jobs. Also, we're using 50% recycled 90lb index and 100% recycled 28lb text, 80lb cover, and 100lb cover. We're no longer using virgin paper.

Self-Serve Copiers

We provide coin-operated self-serve copiers at all campuses. These machines will accept coins, $1.00 and $5.00 bills. The cost is 10 cents per page. Coin-operated copiers are currently located at the following locations:

Library, CC Bldg--near Student Accounts, and HT Bldg--3rd Floor.


Customer Feedback

We are always striving to provide the best overall experience for our customers. Please fill out our online comment card and tell us about your experience with the Print Center. Here’s what some of our customers are saying about us:

"The Print Center always has excellent customer service and quality of work." Josette Beach, Director of the Dental Program at Sylvania
"You guys always go above and beyond and I so appreciate you!" Sue Thurman, Coordinator of Contracts at Southeast