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Write Around Portland

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About the Organization
Opportunities for service with us

Every year, Write Around Portland works with over 250 volunteers to hold almost 50 free writing workshops in schools, hospitals, prisons, treatment centers, affordable housing centers and homeless shelters. Volunteers play a huge role in every aspect of our work, from producing books to preparing mailings to staffing readings to facilitating workshops. Without this tremendous support, we couldn't do what we do. 

  • Anthology production happens over three weeks. Volunteers help to produce books that feature writing from our workshop participants. Volunteers type, copyedit, proof, select pieces and choose book covers.
  • Community readings celebrate our writers and the release of our books. Readings are free and open to the public to attend. Workshop participants read their work to a large and enthusiastic audience. Volunteers help with set up, clean up, registration, hospitality, giving directions, photography, snacks, book sales and assisting participants.
  • Evening shifts happen at our office, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. We will notify volunteers of these shifts via email. Volunteers help with a variety of activities from mailings to book production to preparing for events.
  • Mailing parties may include snacks! Work in small teams to get our mailings out. Volunteers collate, fold, write, stuff, seal and stamp to help get the word out about Write Around Portland.
  • Office Shifts are dependent on your schedule. Volunteers can hang out with the Write Around Portland staff for two hour shifts during office hours while helping with a variety of tasks.
  • Tabling Events, special projects + events:  learn to talk about Write Around Portland in the community; assist with outreach; serve on a fundraising committee; interview writers to feature on our website (must be over 18); help us deliver books; take photographs at events; help out at our fall fundraising event; post flyers and so on!
  • Childcare Volunteers (must be over 18 and pass a background check) provide childcare to enable parents living on a low income to participate in our programs. These opportunities are dependent on participant need, and are usually given to more seasoned volunteers.
  • Scribes (must be over 18 and pass a background check)assist participants with the physical act of writing, and provide them with the opportunity to fully participate in our workshops. These opportunities are dependent on participant need, and are usually given to more seasoned volunteers.
  • Workshop Assistants (must be over 18 and pass a background check) provide workshop support to the facilitator and writers in the group. Childcare Volunteers provide childcare to enable parents living on a low income to participate in our programs. These opportunities are dependent on participant need, and are usually given to more seasoned volunteers.
  • Facilitators (must be over 18, separate application process, complete training and pass a background check) help to build community through writing by writing and sharing alongside our workshop participants around town. Volunteers must complete the 27-hour training requirement to facilitate a Write Around Portland workshop. Prior volunteer experience with Write Around Portland is a requirement. Facilitator trainings happen twice a year (winter and summer). If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, please complete Steps 1-3 first. Our volunteer coordinator will be happy to answer any specific questions you might have at the group volunteer orientation, or one-on-one via email or phone.   

QUESTIONS? Please email or call our office at 503.796.9224. 

Our Diversity Statement

  • Diversity is a fundamental part of Write Around Portland’s value system and is essential to our ability to develop and deliver programming that is consistent with and supports our mission to change lives through the power of writing.
  • We believe that diversity is a strength that makes our workshops, anthologies and readings rich and reflective of our greater community.
  • We are intentional in our recruitment, support and inclusion of diverse people throughout our organization, including board members, staff, volunteers, participants and agency partners. 
  • We value diversity in all its forms and work to create meaningful and respectful connections among people of different socioeconomic levels, races, ages, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, health statuses, physical and mental abilities, education levels, religions and backgrounds. 
  • We continually work to cultivate an environment and organizational culture in which all who are involved in our organization feel respected, included and valued. Our commitment to inclusiveness will be evident in our organizational policies and procedures, as part of our strategic plan, within our organizational goals and throughout our programs.
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