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PantherAccess pilot program

What Is PantherAccess?

PantherAccess is based on similar programs that have been adopted by a number of major universities and colleges across the country.   This model provides instant access to course materials with interactive and adaptive digital content at drastically reduced prices for students.

How does it work?

  • The digital course materials are included in your class fees
  • An email is sent to the your MyPCC email account with instructions on accessing the digital content for the course
  • The instructor provides you with access to digital content by the first day of classes
  • You can choose to opt out through the integrated system in D2L.  The opt out must be completed by the second Monday of term
    • If you opt out of the course materials, the course fee is refunded and all access to the course materials is turned off and no longer available to you

What are the goals of PantherAccess?

  • Reduce the cost of course materials
  • Ensure access to course materials for all students of a course on day one
  • Utilize new adaptive learning technologies to improve educational retention and outcomes