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Sylvania: November 28, 2017

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Photo of Lisa Krol

DATE OF TRESPASS: 11/28/2017       TRESPASSED UNTIL: Indefinitely
DESCRIPTORS: HEIGHT: 5 ft    HAIR: Blonde          EYES: Blue
SEX: F      RACE: W       DOB: 5/20/1980

INFO: On 11/28/2017 KROL, Lisa was trespassed indefinitely from all PCC property after entering the Sylvania campus library, causing a disturbance and stealing a jacket from a student who was sleeping. KROL was uncooperative and refused to speak with DPS Officers and Portland Police. After, being trespassed KROL reentered the library twice and then returned back on property after being escorted off campus at which point she was arrested by Portland Police.


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