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Posted in December 2017

unknown subjects Cascade: December 23, 2017
Help Needed to Identify Suspects Posting Anti-Semitic Fliers On Saturday, December 23, from approximately 8:00-8:30PM, a group of seven unknown subjects, […] Posted December 28, 2017
Unknown Subject Southeast: November 13, 2017
SEX: F    RACE:   W OTHER: Last seen wearing blue jeans, bright pink sweatshirt and purple hair On Monday November […] Posted December 11, 2017
Photo of Lisa Krol Sylvania: November 28, 2017
NAME: KROL, Lisa DATE OF TRESPASS: 11/28/2017       TRESPASSED UNTIL: Indefinitely DESCRIPTORS: HEIGHT: 5 ft    HAIR: Blonde          EYES: Blue SEX: F      […] Posted December 1, 2017


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