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Radiography, associate degree

Medical imaging

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Course listing for the 2023-2024 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
Summer TermCredits
RAD 100 Introduction to Radiography 1
First Term
RAD 101 Radiographic Positioning I 3.5
RAD 105 Methods of Patient Care 3
RAD 106 Radiographic Equipment I 4
RAD 110 Radiographic Clinic I 4.5
Second Term
RAD 102 Radiographic Positioning II 3.5
RAD 107 Radiographic Equipment II 4
RAD 115 Principles of Exposure I 3
RAD 120 Radiographic Clinic II 4.5
Third Term
RAD 103 Radiographic Positioning III 3.5
RAD 130 Radiographic Clinic III 4.5
RAD 132 Radiographic Image Production 3
General Education: 1 Course
Fourth Term
RAD 140 Radiographic Clinic IV 10
General Education: 1 course
Fifth Term
RAD 203 Applied Radiography Topics 2
RAD 205 Radiographic Positioning IV 3
RAD 209 Advanced Radiological Procedures 2
RAD 210 Radiographic Clinic V 7
General Education: 1 course
Sixth Term
RAD 206 Survey of Medical Imaging Diseases 3
RAD 211A The Study of Imaging Modalities 2
RAD 220 Radiographic Clinic VI 7
General Education: 1 course
Seventh Term
RAD 122 Radiation Protection - Biology 3
RAD 216 Radiography Registry Review 2
RAD 230 Radiographic Clinic VII 9
 Total Credits104

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