Enrollment Steps

The Paralegal program is a limited entry program with an admissions process for both the AAS in Paralegal and the Certificate in Paralegal.

Term Deadlines

The Paralegal Program has a rolling admissions process, which means that the closer to the opening of the application period you apply, the more likely you are to be accepted for the term of entry you choose.

Desired Term of Entry Earliest Application Submission Latest Application Submission Rolling Admissions End Deadline for Course Planning Meetings for Admitted Students
Fall July 15 August 30 September 15 September 21
Winter November 1 December 15 December 21 January 4
Spring January 15 February 28 March 15 March 29
Summer April 15 May 30 June 15 June 21

Admission Process

1. Decide on degree or certificate

Based on the eligibility requirements, decide whether you wish to pursue the Certificate or the AAS Degree in Paralegal. Direct questions you have about your eligibility to the Paralegal Program Specialist or the Paralegal Department Chair. If you are not sure if the Paralegal program is right for you, feel free to join us for an information session, or speak to a general advisor.

2. Complete the steps for new students

Apply as a credit seeking student – you can select GS or General Studies as your major for now. Make note of your G number (student ID number). All email communication will be through a PCC email address only. Please include your G number in all of your email communications with us.

3. Apply to the Paralegal program

Complete the online application for the degree or certificate:

The online application process for both Certificate and AAS Degree students requires that you submit the following items by the appropriate deadline for the term the student wishes to take the first Paralegal course (PL 101 – Intro to Law Fundamentals):

  • Letter of Application
    • Please submit an up to two page letter explaining:
      • your interest in the Paralegal Program;
      • your current level of proficiency with writing;
      • your current level of proficiency with common office software including word processing, spreadsheets, and databases (if you have formal training, either credit classes or continuing education, we’d love to hear about it); and
      • your career goals.
  • Resume
4. Receive decision

Applicants are evaluated for admission based upon:

  • quality of presentation of application materials;
  • quality of writing in letter of application;
  • prerequisite and overall GPA;
  • commitment to program completion as demonstrated in the letter of application;
  • potential to contribute to diverse and productive learning community demonstrated in the letter of application;
  • potential for successful employment as an entry level paralegal upon graduation; and existing legal and office experience.

Up to fifty applicants will be accepted to the program each term (AAS and Certificate combined). Notification letters will be emailed to your MyPCC email address. All admission decisions are final. Students who are not admitted may reapply at any time.

5. Meet for course planning

Once admitted, students should meet with the Paralegal Program Specialist or Department Chair for course planning as soon as possible. Instructions on making an appointment will be included with your notification letter. You will not be able to register for paralegal classes until you have completed the course planning meeting.

6. Register for Paralegal classes

Once you’ve been accepted and planned your courses you can start registering for classes as soon as your registration time opens. Log in to MyPCC and click “Register for classes” on the MyPCC Home tab. For more detailed instructions, see how to register.

Paralegals may not practice law and may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.