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Hybrid classes

A hybrid class has fewer in-person class meetings than a face-to-face or web-enhanced course. A portion of the class is delivered online and a portion is delivered on campus in a physical classroom.

What are the benefits of taking hybrid classes?

  • Ability to complete college courses while balancing multiple life obligations (work, family, etc.)
  • Schedule flexibility for the online portion of the class
  • Focus on active learning, hands-on activities and application of knowledge in the classroom
  • Shortened time to degree completion

Are hybrid classes right for me?

If you say “yes” to all of these statements, then you may be successful in a hybrid classroom environment.

  • I am comfortable using technology and am willing to learn more if the course requires.
  • I am self-motivated, self-disciplined and always get my assignments submitted on time.
  • I am comfortable communicating with my course instructor and classmates in writing.
  • I consider that sharing ideas and working with peers in my class online are good learning experiences and will engage in them actively.
  • I understand that hybrid courses are academically as rigorous as traditional courses which require face-to-face meetings every week.

At each PCC campus, we offer hundreds of hybrid courses every term ranging from architecture to women’s studies and everything in-between.

Explore the class schedule and look for the icon. See if hybrid classes are right for you.