Music & Sonic Arts

Creative Coding & Immersive Technologies


Photographer, Steve Davee

Combining art, design, computer science, mathematics, and cultural studies, Creative Coding & Immersive Technologies prepares students for leading roles in the conception, design, creation and implementation of new technologies and new media. In a hands-on, project-based learning environment, students work independently and collaboratively, creating the technologies, media and experiences shaping contemporary cultures and economies. CCIT is designed to welcome students of all backgrounds and to engage creatively and thoughtfully with the lived experiences of diverse communities.

Under the stewardship of the Department of Music & Sonic Arts at Portland Community College’s Cascade Campus, the Creative Coding & Immersive Technologies program offers a 24-credit Career Pathway Certificate in CCIT:

  • MUC 270 Audio Programming I: Intro to Max/MSP
  • MUC 271 Audio Programming II: Intermediate Max/MSP
  • MUC 272 Introduction to Coding for Artists
  • MUC 273 Programming Interactive Video
  • MUC 274 Microcontrollers for Artists
  • MUC 275 Creative Coding Capstone

Contact the program advisor or department chair for more information.