Microelectronics Technology

Rock Creek Bldg., 7, Rm. 202 | Department Chair: Eric Kirchner 971-722-7255 | Program Advisor: Jenny Kirchler 971-722-7288 | microelec@pcc.edu


microelectronics student in the lab

Thank you for your interest in PCC's Microelectronics Technology program (MT). The program has limited enrollment due to laboratory space limitations. It is recommended that you register early.  

File an application to enter the MT program or one of its options

Send the MT application and unofficial transcripts to:

Eric Kirchner
Department Chair, Microelectronics Technology Department
Portland Community College
Rock Creek, Building 7, Room 202
P.O. Box 19000
Portland, OR 97280

Register for classes

Students meeting course prerequisites can register for classes as space permits.  Most MT classes must be taken in sequence.  First year sequences start in Fall and Winter; second year sequences start in Fall.  Part-time students may begin any term. See the course schedule. See the Catalog for course prerequisites.

Normal MT offerings
  • Fall: MT101-104,  MT111, MT180, MT222, MT223, MT224
  • Winter: MT101-103, MT111, MT112, MT121, MT227, MT240
  • Spring: MT101-104, MT108, MT112, MT113, MT121, MT122, MT200, MT222, MT228
  • Summer:  MT113, MT122

MT Advisors

  • For general advising, contact Academic Advising.
  • For Microelectronics specific advising: schedule planning, technical credit transfer evaluation and other MT related matters please contact Eric Kirchner, MT Department Chair or Jenny Kirchler, MT Program Advisor.