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Alternative Learning Courses (ALC)

Did you know PCC's placement system places you at your highest possible math level? In order to be successful in your math class, registering for ALC math along with your math class is advised. Or, you may want to take an ALC math class before you take your required math course.

PCC ALC math classes provide personalized material to meet to help you:

  • Succeed in your current math 20, 58, 60, 70, 95, 111, or 243 course, or
  • Prepare for your required math course, or
  • Move through mathematics at your own pace, whether it is faster or slower than our scheduled math courses.

ALC math courses are individually based and will identify your math strengths and weaknesses. You will work with your instructor, often using technology, to focus on specific course material to help you become a successful math student!

If you are registering for:

  • MTH 20 - Register also for an ALC MTH 20 section.
  • MTH 58 or 60 - Register also for an ALC MTH 60 section.
  • MTH 65 or 70 - Register also for an ALC MTH 65 section.
  • MTH 95 or 111 - Register also for an ALC MTH 95 section.
  • MTH 243 - Register also for an ALC MTH 199 section.

Regardless of the ALC course you sign up for, we'll be able to help you succeed!

ALC math courses are taught by math instructors, can be taken for one or two credits, and can be found under Alternative Learning Courses in the schedule.