Management and Supervisory Development

Career Pathways Certificates

Your Source for Skill-Building: need to build experience specific to your field, or particular job function? MSD Career Pathways Certificates offer participants focused study in a particular area of customer service.

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Client Services Professional

Respond to diverse customer needs in an increasingly global environment by applying problem solving skills with a variety of customer service strategies to identify, assess, predict, and achieve customer expectations.

16 credit hours to include:

  • CIS 120 Computer Concepts I (4) or BA 131 Intro to Business Technology (4)
  • MSD 105 Workplace Communication Skills (3)
  • MSD 107 Organizations and People (3)
  • MSD 117 Customer Relations (3)
  • MSD 113 Influence without Authority (1)
  • MSD 151 Working With Difficult People (1)
  • MSD 174 Time Management (1)

Client Services Manager

Build enterprise value by developing, leading, and motivating diverse customer service teams to perform effectively in a rapidly changing marketplace.

28 credit hours to include 16 credits from "Customer Service Professional" courses in addition to:

  • MSD 101 Principles of Mgmt/ Supervision (3)
  • MSD 115 Improving Work Relations (3)
  • MSD 121 Leadership Skill Development (3)
  • MSD 177 Team Building (1)
  • MSD 157 Conflict Management (1)
  • MSD 116 Creative Thinking for Innovative Change (1)

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Note: A maximum of 9 workshops may be used towards any Award, Certificate or Degree.

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