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Management and Supervisory Development

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Management and Supervisory Development offers a comprehensive program designed for adults desiring to increase their personal and professional skills and knowledge and or to continue private or public sector managerial/supervisory careers. Please call the Management and Supervisory Development Department for information on any of the MSD classes listed below at or 971-722-6147. Visit our web site at www.pcc.edu/programs/management-training

MSD 101
Prin of Management/Supervision
MSD 115
Improving Work Relations
MSD 117
Customer Relations
MSD 121
Leadership Skill Development
MSD 105
Workplace Communication Skills
MSD 107
Organizations & People
MSD 113
Influence Without Authority
MSD 119A
Intercultural Communication
MSD 151
Working with Difficult People
MSD 157
Constructive Conflict Skills
MSD 159
Stress Control
MSD 174
Time Management
MSD 177
Team Building
MSD 206
The Troubled Employee
MSD 223
HR Mgt: Perform & Compen

Cooperative Education

Please call the department at 971-722-6217 before registering for Cooperative Ed classes. Please register for both the three credit and the one credit co-op classes.