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Frequently asked questions

Can you complete your entire AAS degree online?

  • All of your HIM courses can be done online except for 40 hours of practicum to be performed in the last term of the program.
  • Your general education, writing, and math requirements can either be done online or in class.
    • Some options may not be available online.
  • Online courses are not self-paced.
    • They are set to open with a new lecture and material each week.

How many students do you admit to your program each year?

We generally admit 35 students each fall based on a point system. Read the HIM advising guide for more information.

How competitive is admission?

We usually receive 45-55 applications for 35 spots.

What is the cost of your program?

See the PCC tuition and fees page. The degree is 92 credits, the cost is about $12,000 for tuition, fees, and other costs.

Can any of your prerequisites or program classes be substituted with other classes or work experience?

If you have taken classes that you think could be substituted for HIM program classes contact the admissions advisor at healthca@pcc.edu.

  • Most writing, math, and other general education classes can be transferred from any regionally accredited college
  • Health Information Management program-specific classes will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

The Health Information Management program has the option to award credit for coding coursework for HIM students.

  • Credit may be awarded for students who have worked, or who are currently working in approved coding positions.
    • Or who have taken and passed Coding Credentialing Exams through AHIMA or AAPC and who are currently credentialed.
  • Please contact the admissions advisor at healthca@pcc.edu for more information.

Is there any way to graduate from your program faster if I’ve been working in the field?

There is not; the program is six terms although some work experience may be substituted for a portion of your practicum hours.

What are the practicum requirements?

You will work with your practicum instructor to find a practicum site during your final term. 40 hours of practicum is required (20 hours waived if already working in the profession).

What is the completion rate for your program?

Approximately 75%.

What kind of certification am I eligible for with your program?

You will be eligible to take the national exam to become an RHIT (Registered Health Information Technician) through AHIMA.

How much will I make as a graduate of the program?

Starting salaries in the Portland metro area are around $15-19 per hour.

What if I want to continue my education?

HIM courses are considered career technical courses so they may not be accepted by all universities. However, HIM credits are transferable to accredited HIM baccalaureate and master’s degree programs.

Can I use a PC or MAC for this program?

This program requires students to use applications during the second year of the program that do not formally support Mac.

If you use a Mac, you will be responsible for your own application access support or you may need to use Parallels Desktop or a similar application that supports Windows programs on a Mac.