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COVID-19 update

Due to the COVID-19 campus closure, the 2020 Dental Hygiene application deadline has been extended to Friday, May 29, 2020 at 9pm. For questions or to request advising assistance, please email syhao@pcc.edu. Emails will be returned within 2-3 business day in the order of receipt.

Also due to the COVID-19 crisis, the start date of the next Dental Hygiene cohort will be postponed from September 8, 2020 to January 4, 2021. Notification of acceptance into the program will still occur by mid-June 2020.

Application Instructions

Applying to the PCC Dental Hygiene Program

Thank you for your interest in the Portland Community College Dental Hygiene Program. To start the application process, please review the following information.

The PCC Dental Hygiene Program is now working with an independent organization for online application processing called The American Dental Education Association Dental Hygiene Centralized Application Service (ADEA DHCAS). Students applying to the PCC Dental Hygiene Program must apply though ADEA DHCAS.

Please make sure to refresh your browser if you visit this page often to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Application Information

  • Application opens: January 1, 2020
    Applicants may begin to create their DHCAS application as early as November 2019 but will not be able to select PCC until January 1, 2020.
  • Application deadline: May 29, 2020 by 9pm PST (12 midnight EST)
    DHCAS applications and materials must be submitted by the May 29, 9pm PST deadline.

It is important that you create your application, mail and upload appropriate documents for your application sooner rather than later. DHCAS takes an average of 4 weeks to record and verify application materials, including transcripts. We encourage you to submit your online application and mail ALL official transcripts as soon as possible to ensure that there is no delay in your Dental Hygiene application review.

Students finishing prerequisite courses in winter term 2019 should wait until grades have posted prior to requesting or sending official transcripts to DHCAS. DHCAS does not accept electronic transcripts from PCC.

2020 Application modifications due to campus closure and COVID-19

Phase 2 of the 2020 Dental Hygiene Application

For the 2020 application, Phase 2 proctored essay will be suspended. 20 applicants will be selected based on Phase 1 points only.

Shadowing Points

Shadowing points require documentation. If unable to have the application documentation form completed and mailed, please save an email from the work email address of the dentist or dental hygienist as a PDF and upload it to your ADEA DHCAS application in the documents section as “observation hours”. Emails must include:

  • Name of the dental practice
  • Dates of shadowing
  • Number of hours completed

Applicants that have started shadowing will earn full points, even if they didn’t complete 20 hours. Applicants that have completed 20 shadowing hours will earn full points.

Dental Assisting Student, Dental Assisting Graduate and Dental Employee Experience Points

Dental Assisting School and Graduate Points require documentation. If unable to have the application documentation form completed, Please save an email from the work email address of the Dental Assisting program as a PDF and upload it to your ADEA DHCAS application in the documents section as “other”. Emails must include:

  • The name of the school
  • Confirmation that you have completed the program or that you are enrolled in the program
  • The date you completed or are expected to complete the program Dental Employee Experience Points require documentation.

If unable to have the application documentation form completed, save an email from the work email address of the dentist as a PDF and upload it to your ADEA DHCAS application in the documents section as “other”. Emails must include:

  • The name of the dental practice
  • Confirmation that you have been a full time employee for a minimum of ten months
  • The dates you worked

Applicants that can no longer access instructor or workplace evaluations will earn full points with properly completed and submitted emails.

Applicants that have instructor or workplace evaluations will earn full points as a Dental Assisting graduate or person working full time for at least 10 months.

Official Transcripts

Students unable to obtain official transcripts from institutions that are closed due to COVID-19 may use and upload unofficial transcripts to their 2020 ADEA DHCAS application in the manner explained below:

In early May 2020, the Supplemental Information section will add one more request: unofficial transcript. Students who can only access an unofficial transcript will complete a questionnaire confirming they have made multiple attempts to request an official copy first. Once completed, students will be able to upload an unofficial transcript. Please note, PCC will require official transcripts when available.

Application Checklist

  1. Review requirements: The dental hygiene advising guide outlines the program prerequisites, minimum application requirements and point distribution used for selection.
  2. Become a PCC student (required): Submit a PCC admissions application (if not already admitted to PCC). This application is free of charge and should take around 5-10 minutes. Dental hygiene applicants must be admitted to PCC.
    • When selecting your PCC application type, choose credit. This will assign you a 9-digit student ID number that begins with the letter G.
    • You will need to know your PCC student ID number and will be asked to enter it on your DHCAS online application for PCC.
    • If you are an International Student on an F1 student visa and are interested in applying to the PCC Dental Hygiene program, you must also be admitted to PCC. Please view additional international admission requirements.
  3. Supplemental application fee (required): Submit a mandatory, online, non-refundable supplemental application fee to PCC of $25. Please be advised that this application fee is in addition to the DHCAS application fee and paid directly to PCC.
    • You will receive a payment confirmation email. Please save that email as a PDF and upload the payment receipt to your DHCAS online application in the documents section under the "other" category as proof of payment. Failure to pay this supplemental application fee will render your PCC DHCAS application ineligible.
    • The accepted file formats for uploads are: MSWord (.doc, .docx), JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg), PNG (.png), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Portable Document Format (.pdf), and ASCII Text file (.txt). The size limit for each file upload is 5MB.
  4. Create and Submit your ADEA DHCAS Application (required): Create, complete and submit your Dental Hygiene CAS application (DHCAS). You may begin creating your DHCAS account as early as November, 2019. PCC’s dental hygiene program application will not be available until January 1, 2020.
    • If you applied to a dental hygiene program using DHCAS last year (2019), please make sure to use the re-applicant feature to create your 2020 DHCAS application. This will save you time and energy.
    • Applicants must submit their DHCAS application. All supporting documents must be upload and/or mailed so they are received prior to the May 29, 9pm PST (12 midnight EST) deadline.
    • The cost to apply online through DHCAS is $50 for an undergraduate program application and $35 for any additional undergraduate program application. This application fee is in addition to the PCC supplemental application fee (DHCAS does have a Fee Assistance Program).

Application Materials

Application materials may include, but are not limited to:

  • Transcripts (required): Applicants are required to submit official transcripts directly to DHCAS from all colleges attended, including PCC. Applications will not be reviewed or considered without all official transcripts on file through the DHCAS system.
    • Please make sure to wait until final grades have posted from winter term 2019 to order or send transcripts. Make sure to have the registrar include the Transcript Request Form.
    • All official college transcripts must be mailed to DHCAS at the address listed below:
      ADEA DHCAS Processing Department
      P.O. Box 9129
      Watertown, MA 02471
    • Note: United States Postal Service (USPS) Delivery Confirmation does NOT verify receipt of materials at ADEA DHCAS.
    • Students using foreign transcripts to fulfill must have their official transcript evaluation sent to DHCAS to complete their PCC application. Please refer to the Transcript Instructions through DHCAS.
  • Entrance essay (required): Please write about your special skills, experience, or education that will enable you to be successful in the dental hygiene program. Please speak to how you have benefited from these or other activities or volunteerism. The essay must be limited to one page typed, double spaced. Please upload this essay under the documents section under the "personal statement/essay" section.
  • Organic chemistry syllabus (if applicable): Due to course number variations from transfer institutions, applicants taking organic chemistry from institutions other than PCC are required to upload the course syllabus with their DHCAS application in the documents section under the "other" category. Failure to do so will result in an ineligible application.
  • Shadowing documentation form (if applicable): Students wanting to earn points for 20 hours of job shadowing a practicing dental hygienist must fill out the job shadowing form and upload it to their DHCAS application under in the documents section under the "observation hours" category by the May 29th deadline. To obtain points, the documentation form must be completely filled out and signed.
  • Dental experience documentation form (if applicable): students wanting to earn points for dental experience must have the dentist where work was completed or the instructor of their CODA dental assisting program submit the dental experience form. Completed forms must be received by the May 29th deadline. Forms must be sent directly from the employer or instructor to the Health Admissions Office via email at syhao@pcc.edu or by mail (USPS). Please use the following mailing address:
    Portland Community College
    Health Admissions Office – SY, CC 208
    P.O. Box 19000
    Portland, OR 97280-0990


For questions related to PCC, please email the Health Admissions Office at syhao@pcc.edu or call 971-722-4795.

For questions or issues regarding your DHCAS online application, please contact DHCAS Support:

  • Phone: 617-612-2095, Monday–Friday 9am-5pm EST, except federal holidays.
  • Email: dhcasinfo@dhcas.org

PCC is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Institution.