Dental Hygiene

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Program Admission

Application changes

Starting with the 2019-2021 application cycle, the PCC Dental Hygiene Program is participating in the ADEA Dental Hygiene Centralized Application Service (ADEA DHCAS). Applicants applying to enter the Dental Hygiene Program in 2019 will apply online using the ADEA DHCAS application. More information will be posted on this site in June 2018.

Students applying for Fall 2018 admission are highly encouraged to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Continue reading for more information on payment due dates and payment plans.

The Dental Hygiene proctored essay is held at the Sylvania Campus. Invited applicants must attend to be considered for the program. The 2017 Dental Hygiene program proctored essay will be posted here when available.

Selection Criteria

The Dental Hygiene program bases its selection on the following criteria. Please see the Dental Hygiene advising guide for a detailed point breakdown.

  • Overall college GPA
  • Grades in science prerequisites
  • Completion of general education courses
  • Completion of a prior degree
  • Experience
    • CDA or work experience in a dental setting
    • Job shadowing
  • Proctored essay, administered and graded by the Dental Hygiene Faculty

The program recommends that interested applicants become familiar with the professional duties of a dental hygienist and acquire basic computer skills in word processing before applying to the program. Applicants with the highest ranking scores will be selected into the Dental Hygiene program. Student selection is completed by late-June each year.

Additional Recommendations
Dental Hygiene student working on a patient Due to the highly competitive nature of the Dental Hygiene admissions, there is no guarantee of admission to the program upon completion of prerequisites. It is recommended that applicants apply to as many different colleges as possible. A listing of entry level Dental Hygiene programs can be obtained by contacting the American Dental Hygienists Association at (312) 440-8900.


We will accept applications from January 1 to April 16, 2018 at 5 pm. We will not accept applications before January 1, 2018. All application materials must be received by the Health Admissions office by 5pm on April 16, 2018. Late application materials and/or postmarked dates will not be accepted. You will be expected to submit the following items:

  • The 2018 Dental Hygiene program application.
  • $25 non-refundable application fee in the form of check or money order, made out to PCC Dental Hygiene Program.
  • Official, sealed copies of college transcripts, other than PCC. Transcripts must be submitted with the program application and not submitted separately. All transcripts must be sealed in an envelope by the issuing institution and remain unopened.
  • .The Dental Hygiene application will be available here early December 2017
  • Responses to the supplemental questions (see application).

Send the application materials to:

Health Admissions Office
Portland Community College, SY CC 208
PO Box 19000
Portland, OR 97280-0990

If you have further questions, contact the Health Admissions Office.

Program Regulations

You will be required to wear protective gear and clothing during all laboratory procedures that produce airborne particulate matter or expose you to patients during dental procedures.

Post-acceptance Admissions Requirements

Admitted PCC Dental Hygiene students will need to meet the following requirements before they can begin attending Dental Hygiene classes.

  1. Successfully pass a criminal background check from agency designated by PCC.
  2. Successfully pass a drug screening from agency designated by PCC.
  3. Provide proof of current immunizations
  4. Provide current proof of CPR for Health Care Providers certification.

Students should not pursue completing these requirements until they are formally accepted into the program and receive specific instructions from the Dental Department.