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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FAA Medical, and how do I get one?

This is a routine physical exam, but it must be done by a doctor who has been approved by the FAA. Other physicals, such as DOT or military, will not suffice. Please see the "FAA Medical Certificate" section on the How to apply page of this site for more details and a link to a medical examiner search engine. A typical price for this exam is $80-100.

How do I apply for the Aviation Science program?

You must apply and be admitted to the Aviation Science program before registering for any class except AVS-127: Intro to Aviation. Applications are due no later than eight weeks prior to the term you wish to begin. Start the application process.

Is the price of flight training included in the tuition?

The flight training fees are separate from the tuition, but are payable directly to PCC according to PCC's normal billing procedures. Fees are assessed only for the flight courses for which you register each term. Please see the flight fees documents under the "Costs" section of the Program Overview page of this site. Individual advising is required prior to registering for these classes.

How is this program different from just going to a flight school?
You could earn all the same FAA certificates by going to a reputable flight school. There are two or three big advantages to making PCC a part of your aviation training, though. First, you get to count the flight training towards the college degree which saves you time over having to get a degree separately from your flight training. Second, the Aviation Science AAS college degree will allow you to move forward with your career. Even if you decide that you want to eventually earn a bachelor degree, the AAS degree will allow you to begin your career sooner. Third, you will learn things in the aviation academic courses that go above and beyond what the FAA require for earning the certificates, which will allow you to be a better, safer, more effective pilot and Flight Instructor.
Will the Veterans Administration pay for my flight training?
Unfortunately, PCC will be unable to admit new, VA-funded students to the Aviation Science program. Please see Aviation Science VA Funding Changes for additional information.
How can I finance the flight training?
  • Apply for Financial Aid: Federal Financial Aid can be used toward the cost of flight training, but it often amounts to a fraction of the total program cost. Plan to fill out your FAFSA and apply for financial aid at least six months in advance in order to receive the maximum aid. Note: You can accept grants and still decline loans if you want.
  • Private loans – talk to the program advisor if you need a flight training plan.