Repair work application

What do we accept?

The PCC Auto Collision Repair and Paint Department’s goal is to provide students with the training necessary to attain employment in local auto collision repair shops. We accept some customer repair work, and requests are processed based on the instructional needs of the program.

Not all subject classes are offered every term, so the work accepted depends on the classes currently in session. All projects are subject to instructor approval. Some of our instructors will not accept jobs on certain types or makes of vehicles. Consequently, not all applications will be accepted.

What don’t we accept?

We don’t accept complete paint jobs, color changes, or repair to someone else’s bodywork. We simply do not have the time or space. We do not accept “project vehicles” such as hot rods, restoration projects, or custom paint jobs. Vehicles over ten (10) years old are generally not accepted for student repairs by our program.

Some exceptions are made but must be approved and signed by the instructor of the class that will be doing the repairs before submitting a repair application.

What do we charge?

We do not charge labor for the repairs done to customer vehicles. We do, however, charge for parts and materials used to accomplish the repair.

Body shop materials will be charged at a rate of $7.50 per body repair hour, $7.50 per replacement hour, and $30 per paint hour. Replacement and paint hours are taken from the Pathways Collision Guide. Repair hours are determined by our staff using current industry techniques and procedures.

The cost estimate for your vehicle is based on our initial inspection and does not cover any additional parts or materials which may be required after the work has begun. Occasionally, after the work has started, worn or damaged parts are discovered which were not evident during the first inspection. Because of this, the above prices are not guaranteed. The customer will be contacted before any additional expenses are incurred.

How long do repairs take?

We do not rush our students through the repairs. Our focus is on education, the needs of the auto body industry for well-trained and qualified employees, and the quality of the work. We try to give you an idea of the time it “may” take to complete a job, but an estimate is just that – an estimate. We highly recommend you have an alternate form of transportation as we will not release any job that is not finished and inspected by the instructors.


Painting must be arranged and scheduled separately with our auto painting instructors. However, all cars will leave the body shop with at least primer on the repaired areas. All complete refinishing will be at the discretion of the painting instructor.

After repairs are completed

Upon completion of repairs, the vehicle must be picked up from the instructor who was responsible for the work, and when they are on campus. The college requires that a current comprehensive insurance policy is in force before the vehicle will be considered for repair. You will be asked to enter your insurance information in the application below.


Contact Michael Watson, Instructional Support Tech, with questions.

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Please note

  1. The following items must be removed from the vehicle: spare tire, jackhandles, jack, CD's, CD players, loose floor mats, and personal property.
  2. All work will be performed by students under the supervision of the instructors.
  3. Decisions on methods of repair and types of parts and material used will be made at the instructor's discretion.
  4. You will be asked to include a brief description of the requested repairs. Include photos.

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Repair work information

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