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Apply to Sign Language Interpretation

To join this program, you must apply for admission. This competitive program accepts 25 students every fall term. Candidates who are most successful have strong ASL and English skills.

Questions? Take a campus tour or talk with a program advisor.

How to apply

  1. Apply to PCC

    Complete this step as soon as possible so you can start using PCC resources. On the application, choose Associate of General Studies for your major. (Your major will be updated after you’re admitted to the program.)
    Apply to PCC angle right

  2. Application timeline
    Term you want to start Apply to Sign Language Interpretation
    Fall 2021 March 12, 2021
    Take prerequisites

    These classes must be completed with a letter grade of “C” or better before entering the program:

    • WR 121: English Composition
    • ASL 240: Introduction to the Deaf Community
    • And all classes from option one
      • ASL 101: First-Year American Sign Language I
      • ASL 102: First-Year American Sign Language II
      • ASL 103: First-Year American Sign Language III
      • ASL 201: Second Year American Sign Language IV
      • ASL 202: Second Year American Sign Language V
      • ASL 203: Second Year American Sign Language VI
    • Or all classes from option two
      • ASL 150: Accelerated American Sign Language
      • ASL 151: Accelerated American Sign Language
      • ASL 250: Accelerated American Sign Language
      • ASL 251: Accelerated American Sign Language

    If you have learned ASL in the community or another school, contact sign@pcc.edu to schedule an ASL skills assessment interview for placement in the appropriate ASL course.

  3. Submit recommendations

    Have a Deaf instructor and a hearing instructor complete a recommendation form. Ask them to submit it directly to the address on the form. Instructors are the preferred references, but if this is not possible, employers, colleagues, and other objective professionals may complete the forms.

  4. Check basic qualifications

    If you are accepted into this program, you’ll need to complete a criminal background check.

  5. Submit application

    Complete the application to Sign Language Interpretation.

  6. Screening interview

    Applicants who meet the entrance requirements are contacted to arrange a screening interview in May. The screening interview assesses a student’s ASL and English language skills and abilities.

After you apply

We will notify applicants of their status by the end of May. Check your MyPCC email: all communication is done through your PCC email account.

If you have been accepted into the program, you must attend the mandatory program orientation, which is typically held on Friday during Spring Term finals week.