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Digital Literacy

Digital literacy workshops

The first Tuesday through Thursday of every month, we offer a 3-day digital literacy series for beginner computer users from 1-2:30pm. Students and community members are welcome to attend at no cost. Workshops rotate between our Opportunity Centers and online via Zoom.

Digital literacy for English language learners

The last Tuesday through Thursday of the month we offer a workshop designed for non-native English speakers from 5:30-7pm. Our aim is to assist English language learners of all levels. All community members are welcomed to this no-cost workshop. Workshops rotate between our Opportunity Centers and online via Zoom.

Join us and discover a new topic every month!

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Monthly topics

Microsoft basics
Day 1: Microsoft Word
  • Learn how to modify page layouts and discover new templates.
  • Learn about editing tools and how to format text.
  • Practice creating and saving a document.
Day 2: Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Get started with the basics of creating a slideshow and working with themes.
  • Learn how to format text and modify slides.
  • Practice adding visual effects and how animating objects.
Day 3: Microsoft Excel
  • Learn about cells, columns, and rows.
  • Practice modifying and storing data.
  • Learn how to use simple formulas.
Google workspace – basics
Day 1: Gmail tips and tricks
  • Learn how to use quick search, advanced search, and star features to find important emails.
  • Learn how to attach a resume, photo, or any document to an email.
  • Learn how to add a professional signature line, and how to CC (copy), and BCC (blind copy) recipients.
Day 2: Google workspace basics part 1
  • Gain a basic understanding of Google Drive.
  • Participate in a general overview of Google Docs.
  • Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
Day 3: Google workspace basics part 2
  • Gain a basic understanding of Google Meet.
  • Participate in a general overview of Google Slides.
  • Learn how to create a Google Form.
Google workspace – intermediate
Day 1: Google Docs
  • Review how to create, format, export, and share Docs.
  • Learn how to add headers and footers, use word count, insert links, and create visually appealing reports.
  • Practice creating a dynamic document and sharing your document with links.
Day 2: Google Sheets
  • Review how to create, format, export, and share Sheets.
  • Learn how to create a filter and sort data.
  • Learn how to add a formula using Sheets.
  • Build a budget tracker in Sheets, using skills you learn in class.
Day 3: Google Slides
  • Learn how to make visually appealing presentations, using themes, formatting, photos, links, and color matching.
  • Learn how to animate your presentation.
  • Practice creating dynamic slides and learn how to present.
Skills for student success
Day 1: Tech-savvy tricks and tips
  • Learn tech skills such as taking screenshots and finding your downloads.
  • Learn about computer safety and security.
  • Learn about keyboard and mouse shortcuts.
Day 2: Google Calendar and time management
  • Learn how to set your Google Calendar.
  • Learn how to add guests, locations, details, and documents to a Calendar invitation.
  • Time management tips using Google Task Board and Google Calendar.
Day 3: LinkedIn basics
  • Learn how to set up a LinkedIn account.
  • Learn how to create a professional profile and get tips for a professional photo.
  • Learn the basics of how to network on LinkedIn and send connections.
Getting started with tech tools
Day 1: Using the internet
  • Learn how to get connected to the internet.
  • Learn how URLs work.
  • Learn basic search strategies, how to bookmark pages, and tips for using passwords.
Day 2: Zoom etiquette and tips
  • Learn Zoom etiquette for classes and business meetings.
  • Learn how to send private chat messages, share your screen and raise your hand, or use emojis in Zoom.
  • Learn how to change your name and include pronouns in Zoom.
Day 3: Internet safety
  • Learn how to be aware of phishing scams and how to get off of email spam.
  • Learn how to set strong passwords.
  • Learn safe practices when sharing your information online or using public computers.


Resource library

Tools for building skills.

Learning at PCC
  • Computer classes: Learning just for fun? Improving your skills for the workplace? Looking to work towards a degree? We’ve got a class for you!
Free community resources
Self-led computer basics
Self-led intermediate and advanced learning
  • Google Workspace: Collection of short how-to videos for Google Workspace.
  • Code Academy: Start learning to code for free.
  • Khan Academy: Computer programming courses, and much more.
  • Coursera: Courses on a huge range of topics (note: not all classes are free).
  • Microsoft Learn: Online classes to train for Microsoft certificates (note: while classes may be free, testing for certificates may have a cost).
Quick how-to videos

This program is made possible thanks to the Bank of America Neighborhood Builders Award.