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Course access

Online Learning staff or others may be added to your online course for any of the following reasons:

  • Support: Help Desk staff may add themselves to a course for the purpose of supporting faculty and students. Staff will remove their access at their discretion.
  • Mentoring: Lead faculty will be added to assess courses for use by other instructors (when appropriate based on ownership of content).
  • Accessibility: Department staff or Accessible Ed & Disability Resources staff may be added to your course to review the accessibility of your course, post captioned media, assist students, and/or add alternate format options.
  • Desire2Learn Support: Contracted support staff for after-hours assistance to faculty and students. These accounts are usually removed immediately following a resolution.
  • Departmental: Deans or department chairs may be given access for the purpose of examining content, investigating complaints, or observing instruction.
  • Quality Matters Review: If you are participating in a Quality Matters review, we will add the Quality Matters reviewer account when you have requested it.

Courtesy notification

When access is not necessary or implied (such as during a support phone call with faculty), a courtesy email notification will be sent to the course instructor explaining the purpose of the access.


Students will never be added to a course unless requested by that faculty for the purpose of a teachers assistant or to finish an incomplete. Submit an Incomplete requests online.

Misconduct or complaints

If a course is being investigated for misconduct or complaints, the department chair or dean should notify the Dean of Online Learning.

All other access

All other access, including faculty sharing access to content or adding guest speakers, must be accompanied by written approval from the instructor of the course.