PCC, Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals reach tentative agreement on four-year contract

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Portland Community College and the Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals have announced that they have successfully negotiated a tentative agreement for the union’s next four-year contract with an option to re-open the contract to renegotiate salary and benefits. The union is set to present the contract to its members for ratification in the coming weeks.

The negotiations, driven by the themes of equity, student-centered and mission-focused initiatives, and flexibility in workloads, resulted in a comprehensive package amounting to an approximate cost of $37.7 million across six critical remaining points.

“We are thrilled to have reached an agreement, which reflects our commitment to fostering an environment that values both our educators, the pursuit of academic excellence and our students,” said Dr. Adrien Bennings, PCC President. “The collaborative spirit demonstrated throughout these negotiations underscores PCC’s dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive college community.”

Highlights of the agreement include a 14% increase in Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) over the next two years, coupled with steps at 6%, totaling a 20% increase. Noteworthy provisions for part-time faculty, adjustments to pay schedules, priority hiring considerations, and a pilot project for workload enhancements underscore the commitment to supporting educators.

Additionally, the agreement includes a $2,721,719 investment in health insurance, featuring increased contributions for full-time employees and enhanced support for part-time faculty.

Other provisions in the contract encompass one-time payments upon ratification, adjustments to physical education instructor workloads, and funding for mission-focused committees tasked with identifying issues and making recommendations to college leadership.

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