Posted in January 2024

Cascade Campus Agreement Reached With FFAP Union
PCC, Faculty Federation agree to COLA increases for members, including adjustments to pay for part-time instructors Posted January 30, 2024
Dancer From The Ballroom To The Classroom
Student body president and dance aficionado Nathaniel Kung is connecting students to resources and opportunity Posted January 26, 2024
Close up of woman Cascade Festival of African Films Returns This February
The annual event is the longest-running, volunteer-run African film festival in the United States Posted January 18, 2024
Panther Basketball Guard jumps for the throw. Hot Starts For PCC Hoops
The women and men's basketball teams are off to impressive seasons in conference play Posted January 10, 2024
Poppie PCC Innovates Training And Support
From transportation and housing to digital resources and food pantries, PCC is creating a basic needs support structure for all students Posted January 8, 2024
Una Kim Art Instructor Una Kim Unveils 'Battlegrounds'
The last artist in residency for HARTS initiative features her De Kooning-esque paintings invoking capitalist and colonial influences in education Posted January 4, 2024
Ht Building College Selects New Public Safety Director
Jace Smith is excited to join PCC and previously served as Broward College’s Public Safety Senior Director of Patrol Operations Posted January 2, 2024