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Tune into PCC’s “Let’s Talk!” podcast and hear first-hand stories and attitudes around disabilities

Story by Ellen Payne.

Portland Community College is set to launch the second season of its popular “Let’s Talk!” podcast, focusing on disability-related discussions. This groundbreaking podcast collective project was created by the PCC Disability Cultural Alliance.

 “The aim of the podcast is to bring essential conversations about disability experiences to the forefront,” said Carrie Cantrell, Active Transportation Ambassador/Assistive Technology Trainer.

Tune into the podcast on Spotify and PCC.edu.

Approved by the Accessible Education & Disability Resources department, the podcast supports PCC’s strategic objective of fostering inclusion, belonging and equity while raising cultural awareness about the experiences of disabled students within the campus community.

“We want anyone who listens to Let’s Talk! to believe that creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning and social environment for learners of all abilities benefits everyone,” Cantrell said.

The college’s students, faculty, and staff who want to encourage inclusive behaviors and attitudes toward students with disabilities are encouraged to tune in. By sharing the stories and perspectives of disabled individuals, the podcast educates and informs faculty and staff to better design and implement learning experiences tailored to students’ needs.

This initiative helps advocate for Universal Design, encouraging teachers to aid students throughout their accommodations process.

Don’t forget to recognize International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Dec. 3 as we come together to support these initiatives! 

To learn more, head to the Accessible Education and Disability site.