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PCC contingent marches and shows its support at annual PDX Pride Parade

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Portland Community College was well represented at the annual Portland Pride Waterfront Festival, one of largest donation-based LGBTQIA2S+ Pride events on the West Coast! More than 100 college staff, students and members of PCC’s Queer Resource Centers attended, showing their pride and support. And, approximately 200 PCC supporters signed up for the two-day festival.

This was an opportunity to support celebrations that are meaningful to the collaborative culture of belonging at PCC. One of the goals is to proactively build an environment of greater inclusion at the college that empowers LGBTQ2S+ people to express and be themselves. PCC recognizes the positive impact of Pride in this community, which PCC values, respects and stands with.

As part of PCC’s sense of belonging within the Strategic Plan there is a spirit of care and well-being for every student and staff. This belonging ensures access to key resources, developing intercultural competencies, and supporting a culture where everyone feels acknowledged, inspired and supported.

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