This content was published: May 31, 2023. Phone numbers, email addresses, and other information may have changed.

PCC’s Ethnic Studies Youth Conference connects students to social causes

Story by Misty Bouse. Photos by Ric Getter.

On May 26, Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus hosted the bi-annual Ethnic Studies Youth Conference in partnership with Pacific University College of Education. The event featured the attendance of 300 middle and high school students from throughout Oregon who shared research and participated in workshops at PCC’s fourth Ethnic Studies Youth Conference.

The students and their teachers shared research on ethnic studies teaching and practice, as well as to organizations and movements, including environmental justice; health and healthcare; women’s rights; LGBTQ+ rights; immigrant, migrant and refugee rights; education; art; youth rights; state violence; economic equity; white supremacy; and threats to democracy.

PCC plans to host the next conference at the PCC Southeast Campus in December.