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Photo Gallery: PCC’s campus commencements provide localized graduation celebrations

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After a few years of hiatus, Portland Community College brought commencement activities back to an in-person format. It wasn’t the typical graduation ceremony PCC hosts at the Memorial Coliseum with thousands attending, but rather on campus commencement events that celebrated the class of 2022.

During the week of June 13, graduates were encouraged to visit a campus donning their regalia to pick up a diploma cover, take some photos, grab some goodies and celebrate their accomplishments! They weren’t formal commencement events, but informal and fun gatherings.

Check out the 2022 commencement video and more photos!

Returning to PCC

And, guess what? PCC is moving back to a more normalized, increasingly in-person environment for staff, faculty and students this summer. The college continues to manage COVID-19 risks with health and safety in mind with a focus on belonging, well being, and equitable student success. View how PCC is taking precautions as we return to campus life.

Scenes From 2022 Commencement



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