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Seven PCC students make 2022 All-Oregon Academic Team

Story by James Hill. Photos by OCCA.

Left to right, student Heifara Wheeler, PCC President Mark Mitsui, student Tasneem Anjary and student Lyrus Knight.

Left to right, student Heifara Wheeler, PCC President Mark Mitsui, and students Tasneem Anjary and Lyrus Knight.

The Oregon Community College Association announced the selection of 41 members from community colleges across the state to the 2022 All-Oregon Academic Team (AOAT). These student scholars are selected for their academic excellence, leadership, and community service, and many are members of Phi Theta Kappa, the nation’s community college honor society.

OCCA hosted the All-Oregon Academic Team Luncheon on April 15 at Sunriver Resort in Central Oregon to honor the AOAT students and their families. 

“I’d like to congratulate these outstanding student scholars for their achievements and the impending completion of their community college degrees,” said OCCA Executive Director Morgan Cowling. “As some of our very best and brightest, these students represent hope for a strong future in Oregon.”

There were seven scholars representing Portland Community College – 

  • Tasneem Anjary (Portland)
  • Madison Beckley (Spokane)
  • Mohasin Biswas Manab (Bangladesh)
  • Patrick Esposito (Baltimore, Maryland)
  • Lyrus Knight (Arlington, Virginia)
  • Heifara Wheeler (Pearl City, Hawaii)
  • Alesandria Wild (Orono, Maine)

Each year, Phi Theta Kappa, community college presidents, and community college state associations like OCCA sponsor All-State Community College Academic Team ceremonies in 37 participating states.

“Their stories are powerful and inspiring, and OCCA would like to thank these students for having the courage to share them with everyone at the luncheon,” Cowling said.

In addition, two AOAT students were designated as Coca-Cola New Century Scholars for earning the highest All-USA Academic Team application score for Oregon: Heifara Wheeler from Portland Community College was named a New Century Transfer Scholar, and Megan Capp from Rogue Community College was named a New Century Workforce Scholar.