Poppie is retiring!

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After an almost 60-year career serving as the beloved mascot of Portland Community College, Poppie the Panther has announced they will be retiring this month.

Poppie with students

“It was a hard decision to make, but I think it’s time to move on,” Poppie said. “I love being the face of PCC, but I’m ready to kick up my feet and enjoy my golden years.”

Poppie joined PCC soon after the college was founded in the early 1960s. After deciding the college would be known as the PCC Panthers, administration put out a casting call for a mascot to help stir up some school spirit. Not only was Poppie the only panther in Portland looking for work, they were also a natural fit for the job.

“I never thought I would be a school mascot, but I saw the ad in the newspaper and just took a chance,” Poppie explained. “Next thing I knew, I was decked out in PCC swag and hugging students.”

During their time with PCC, Poppie has attended thousands of events, welcoming newcomers into the community and keeping PCC spirits high.

We will miss Poppie, and we wish them all the best in their next endeavors…

April Fools!

April Fool’s

Just kidding – Poppie will be sticking around!

However, the contest is real and you can submit your own photos. Details below.


PCC is putting the call out for a college mascot that’s fun, friendly, and embodies the PCC spirit. This mascot must be available immediately and look good in turquoise.

Have a cute, furry friend that needs a job? Submit a headshot on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #TheNewPoppie by Friday, April 5th to be considered.

Will it be a cat? A dog? A goldfish? Check out the competition! The winner will get a $10 PCC Dining voucher and coffee mug!

Poppe with speech bubble


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x by Laurie Brooks 8 months ago

April Fools?

x by Tara Kroft 8 months ago

The college is investing time and money into changing our mascot when everyone loves the panther? Student Leadership has spent tons of money on panther merchandise. I am disappointed in the colleges careless decisions to change the mascot and waste tons of the colleges money when we are facing all these budget cuts. Student leadership is not happy about this.

x by Robert Gabris 8 months ago

I say let’s be the platypuses.

x by Landon S. Wyndham 8 months ago

I agree with Tara keeping the same mascot with a new actor would be ideal considering budget but this could still be an April fools thing.

x by Erin Hess 8 months ago

This better be an April Fools joke. Who has ever heard of a mascot retiring? That’s crazy to spend the money and time talking about a mascot when we could be spending that time, energy, and money on students!

x by Andy 8 months ago

Poppie may retire, but you know they’ll still work part time in some capacity.

x by Peter 8 months ago

Is this just an April Fools joke, ASPCC?

x by Gritty 8 months ago

“Who has ever heard of a mascot retiring?”

I don’t know Erin… it worked out pretty well for me when the old mascot retired.

x by bryan hull 8 months ago

It’s about time.
But, I don’t know about any other of the alternatives suggested in the tweets.
They seem even worse

x by Cynthia 8 months ago

This has got to be an April’s Fools Joke, but if it isn’t, then I think we should have our own llama that gets brushed and dressed up and taken to different campuses to be petted and fed carrots. Roho was awesome, but he’s famous now and out of our budget. Don’t we have llamas at RC now? If not, we should get a llama or two.

x by Oscar 8 months ago

Well the panther didn’t get enough recognition, so its good to retire him

x by James Hill 8 months ago

Thanks everyone, yes it’s April Fool’s! But be sure to submit your favorite new mascot idea just for fun!

x by Ahmad 8 months ago

NOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOO! You can’t be serious? I’m crying over here. Poppie is the heart and soul of this college. Without Poppie we are nothing but Poppieless waste. OMG. We must stop this. We need to organize marches and boycotts and hunger strikes. Who’s with me?!

x by Hunter Hall 8 months ago

April Fools Day aside, If PCC needs artwork drawn of Poppie, I am down to help!

x by heidi.vanbrocklin 8 months ago

This was the best April Fools joke by PCC Ever! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face…I loved it!!

x by Jenny 8 months ago

I agree. This was great fun (unlike some of the mean pranks I see online)!

Hope my kitty wins!

x by Danielle Holland 8 months ago

I just done and got bamboozled….

x by Edwinna 8 months ago

I suggest that PCC keep the Panther as a mascot. However, update his look!

x by Jan Underwood 8 months ago

I’m just glad to see the College honoring Poppie’s non-binary pronouns.

x by Fred 8 months ago

Why does Poppie need to be non-binary? What if he identifies strongly as male? Is it not okay to be male?

x by Allan 8 months ago

Fred: “What if he..”

Time for some self-reflection, my friend.

1) Poppie is a genderless, anthropomorphic panther. Using ‘they’ is more than appropriate.

2) If they did have a gender, why do you assume it would be male? I believe that they were named after Dr. Nan Poppe – she was a former campus president.

x by Florence 8 months ago


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