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Classified Employee Appreciation Week Profile: Edie Waterhouse

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There is a special warmth that comes to mind when you mention Edie Waterhouse’s name to someone at Southeast Campus. Waterhouse has served in the Crossroads Café here at Southeast for nearly 12 years as a Food Service worker and has been an integral part of creating a sense of belonging on campus.

When asked what they thought about Waterhouse being recognized for such an honor many students, staff and faculty said the same thing, “Oh, Edie definitely deserves this honor!”

Waterhouse states that she enjoys talking with the student, staff and faculty most as part of her job here.

Waterhouse states that she enjoys talking with the student, staff and faculty most as part of her job here.

Marganette Ware, the Career Pathways Front Office Assistant had this to share about Waterhouse:

“My first day here at Southeast, I went to the Café to grab something to drink. As I stood there trying to figure out what I needed to do and how everything worked, Edie came over and asked “do you need help?” I said “yes, please!”, and Edie immediately showed me the ropes in the Café and a friendship quickly developed between Edie and I. She was always around to make sure that everything was just right, or she would make it right. She would do all the little things for me, and all of us on a daily basis to bring a smile to our face. Edie was there to welcome me and at the same time I felt that God had sent me an angel. Even now that she has formally retired and is back as a casual employee for one day a week, I, along with many others feel very blessed that Edie is here with us, just like the old days. I love her.”

The authentic sense of belonging that Waterhouse has fostered with each individual interaction on campus is something that she excels at. Her long experience in the food industry meant that this was nothing new to her. Waterhouse has been a part of the Southeast Campus since it began as a PCC center back in early 2004. She was a part of the first team to serve here in the Café and prior to her work here worked at a historic Chinese restaurant in downtown Portland China Town.

Waterhouse moved to the United States from Taiwan in 1974 and attended Mount Hood Community College in 1984. Her work in downtown Portland was also notable as she made many connections to PCC staff members who frequented the restaurant for lunch and when she heard about the opening here for the new location in Southeast Portland she jumped at the opportunity to work here.

Since then Waterhouse states that she enjoys talking with the student, staff and faculty most as part of her job here. She mentions that the team she works with, notably her incredibly “funny” manager Scott Powell as a reason she enjoys the time spent here on campus. The Southeast Crossroads Café certainly has a made an impression on her as she chose to come back to help out one day a week post having officially retired in November of 2015. Fridays here on campus continue to remain a favorite for everyone as Waterhouse is here and a great smile, and genuine “how are you doing” are sure to be a part of your experience.

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x by marganette Ware 7 years ago

I have never been involved in the Employee Appreciation Week before, until now. Edie is a perfect example of what a great employee, friend, and associate is. I will never forget Edie or the school for high lighting her story and I am happy that I got the opportunity to have my say about Edie.

Thank you,


x by Chris Seymour 7 years ago

Edie is the best! For over 3 years when I worked at Southeast, Edie helped me many times to communicate with Chinese students who came to PCC to learn English. Even when she was busy with her duties in the Cafe, she would take time away to interpret for me or translate, so that we could help welcome new students.

Congratulations Edie, and thanks for your service to PCC!