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Southeast Center Administration offices take root in rehabilitated iconic neighborhood building

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August 7, 2014
Written by Amy Mintonye

Completed just last month, the Southeast Center‘s new Administration Hall is now up and running.

Purchased in 2010 with funds from the bond measure, Southeast Administration Hall was known as the 1911 Building and home to the Altenheim, a retirement home for the German community. After the Altenheim’s closure, the building was home to the offices of the German American Society until the property was sold to PCC.


The Southeast Administration Building’s entrance featuring its restored grand staircase and new landscaping.

One of outer southeast Portland’s oldest structures, the 1911 Building received much-needed updates to its electrical, heating, plumbing and insulation, and now meets today’s seismic standards. The grand staircase at the main entrance was restored to its original condition after being removed in the 1950s. A new elevator now makes the four-floor structure ADA accessible. The sizable lawn between Administration Hall and the new Library building has been landscaped, the grass growing greener by the day.


Southeast Center’s administration offices are now located in one central location, improving communication and efficiency.

In addition to housing the Southeast Center’s administration offices, the building is now also home to the Community Education Program and two new multipurpose classrooms.

A section of the older complex was preserved as it contained a ballroom-like hall from an earlier addition to the original 1911 Building structure. The newly dubbed “Community Hall Annex” has become a vital and useful addition to the college, campus and community.

Administration Hall is the latest project completed in Southeast Center’s bond-funded expansion. The building’s renovation and the construction of Southeast Center’s brand new Student Commons and Library buildings have nearly doubled the size of the campus, making it an exciting time for the PCC community.

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