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Rock Creek’s first choir tour scheduled for June 2014 in San Francisco

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The Rock Creek Campus choir is going on their first tour next June. The choir is looking for singers interested in joining a four-day tour performing and sightseeing in San Francisco. Participants should be involved in the choir for the full 2013-2014 academic year. For more information on joining, contact music instructor Pollyanna Hancock-Moody at

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x by Dylan Reyes 4 years ago

My name is Dylan Reyes, I am going into my first year at PCC. I have taken choir through High School, and understand the basics to singing and sight-reading. I am enrolled in Chamber Ensemble at the Sylvania Campus for the Fall Term. I am interested in furthering my passion for music. Let me know the details, qualifications, deadlines, and other information about this Tour.
Thanks Again!

x by Sergio Medeiros 4 years ago

Hi I am a Baritone/Bass singer and have sung in many mixed choirs before. Mostly LGBT mixed choirs but now I am in the Portland Interfaith Gospel Choir but this is my first year. I am new to PCC and returning to school after a long hiatus. I am 43 yrs old so I hope that my age is not an issue. My name is Sergio please let me know if you may be interested.

x by Anna Marie Maloney 4 years ago

I am starting at PCC first year. I performed in choir freshman and sophomore year in high school till they discontinued it. I have been curious if PCC had a choir for a while now, but no one seemed to know. I would love to join :)

x by Pollyanna 4 years ago

Rock Creek has two choirs: a concert choir and a chamber choir. Both groups will be going on tour. Choir is offered every term under MUS220 and MUS221. You can also contact for details. Check out our upcoming concert on Dec. 4th at 7:30. Location TBA.

x by Pollyanna 4 years ago

The tour is open to any Rock Creek Choir members. Singers must commit to the tour by December 1, 2013. Contact Pollyanna Hancock Moody at for details.