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PHOTOS: 51st commencement featured almost 1,000 graduates

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It was a beautiful day in Portland and thousands of people showed up to Memorial Coliseum on June 14 to show their support for almost 1,000 graduates walking to the stage to get their degrees or certificates. A total of 4,900 degrees, certificates and awards were handed out at the 51st Portland Community College Commencement Ceremony. Below are some images from the proceedings, which saw a crowd that nearly filled up the coliseum. Don’t forget to click on any photo to enlarge it and toggle through the gallery! Plus, you can relive every moment by watching the ceremony. And if you have questions about commencement, email

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x by Emily Stenlund 4 years ago

I was wondering how we get a copy of the commencement program for those of us that were unable to attend the ceremony but still had their name printed in the program? Looks like a fun ceremony, congrats grads!

x by Charlie W. 4 years ago

I would like to watch the entire commencement from June 14, 2013 – will it be made available for viewing….if so where?

x by John Talbott 4 years ago

I’m with Charlie in wanting to see the video. Looks like 2010, 2011 and 2012 are available. Do we have a time frame on when 2013 is uploaded? Family back East would love to see it.

x by Angel Anderson 4 years ago

I do not see the photo that was taken of the 4 of us from ParaEducation.

x by James Hill 4 years ago

For all wishing to know when a video might be available please contact Erik Fauske who can give you a timeline. His email:

@Angel These editorial photos are from our PR department and are not part of a graduation service. We simply pick the best ones to share on the PCC website.

x by Margaret 4 years ago

We had pictures taken as we entered the room downstairs and I am unsure where to go to view and purchase the photo. Does anyone have the information I need to do this?

x by Deborah Hall 4 years ago

What a spectacular evening! I feel honored to have been a part of this special night. Good luck, and GODs blessings to the 900+ graduates, and a special shot out to “Row F”… the rockin-est row in the coliseum!

x by Robyn Jacobson 4 years ago

Hello to the company who took our Graduation Pictures….where are they??? If anyone knows where to find our Photos, please let me know, this picture will be the only one that was taken of me, no family or friends were there to take any additional pics. So it’s pretty important to me!! (I hope it looks good!). Anyway, Thank-you…Robyn

x by Sherry Tappert 4 years ago

I am new to PCC and graduated on Friday night the 14th. How do we get grad pics?

x by Jason 4 years ago

Very nice photos of graduates and administration. But remember, there was a lot of faculty there too.

x by James Hill 4 years ago

For those wishing to watch graduation, please visit:

x by James Hill 4 years ago

If you have commencement questions (about photos) contact student records at

x by sheryl luke 4 years ago

I too would like to find out how to get a copy of the graduation program.

x by Jared 4 years ago

Photo proofs should become available by the end of the day (6/20) or this week at the latest. To view photos, please visit, enter the graduates last name then enter Portland Community College and select 2013.

The graduation video is also available on our Commencement webpage:

Thank you and congrats to our 2013 graduates!

x by Charlie W. 4 years ago

I accessed the website to view our professional photos taken downstairs Friday night before graduation and they report that the photos are not yet processed. They will e-mail you when your photo is ready to view.

Also, for Robyn, maybe when you view the commencement on Youtube you can get pictures off there of you walking on stage and off stage. It’s worth a try. There are some great shots of me on Youtube

x by Feature: Top stories of 2013 | PCC News 4 years ago

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