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Oregonian Editorial: ‘We believe in students until they are ready to believe in themselves’

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“We believe in students until they are ready to believe in themselves.”

This quote is from Jose Esparza of PCC Prep in an editorial that appeared in last Sunday’s Oregonian. The quote underscores the passion staff have for serving students that face daunting barriers in their path through college. In particular, The Oregonian editors pointed to our innovative Future Connect scholarship program, which helps first-generation, lower-income students succeed at PCC.

The editorial called out PCC’s efforts as the state tries to require all of its community colleges and universities to boost graduation rates and job readiness.

In addition to this great editorial by the state’s biggest newspaper, take a moment to learn more about President Pulliams’ Campaign for Opportunity, which he has dedicated to these students

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x by Jennifer Boehmer 5 years ago

This editorial is a great testament to the work PCC is engaging in on behalf of student success. I am proud of our community college!