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PHOTOS: Cascade Job Fair line goes around block

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The 15th Annual Cascade Job Fair, one of the largest resources for job seekers in Portland, made its return on Tuesday, April 24. The job fair attracts 50 employers and more than 1,400 job seekers annually. The event is popular because it places job-seekers face-to-face with employers from a wide range of industries. Plus, organizers held several special workshops by nationally-recognized speakers.

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x by eduardo delanderos-tierre 5 years ago

How many real interviews and employment takes place from these type of fairs? Many job fairs offer the same cycle: McDonald’s types of “careers”; the military (not a bad option for the youth); sales, etc.

x by James Hill 5 years ago

Hi Eduardo, the answer is many. The jobs range from entry-level to management opportunities with many respected local and national companies. Check out who was there.