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Posted in June 2011

Ronak Patange is a Gates Millennium Scholar
The majority of students sweat bullets over the cost of college. Not Ronak. He is a Gates Millennium Scholar. Nationally, 23,000 minority students apply for the award and 1,000 are selected Posted June 30, 2011
College becomes reality right now for Future Connect students
Scholars and their families as well as local dignitaries gathered in the City Council Chamber to honor the first class of Future Connect Posted June 27, 2011
Senior Studies Institute turns 20
The institute is run by a large and lively group of members and uses topic discussions to emphasize life-long learning Posted June 27, 2011
PCC's exam success a passing fancy
Five PCC programs record perfect pass rates on state licensure exams and program directors at the college expect more of the same this summer Posted June 24, 2011
Sylvania program ceremonies in review
Leading up to PCC’s graduation on June 10 were a plethora of program completion ceremonies at the Sylvania Campus. The […] Posted June 23, 2011
Students4Giving awards $12,000 to non-profits
Students4Giving, a class based at the Sylvania Campus that emphasizes the importance of philanthropy, recently awarded $12,000 in grant money to four local non-profit Posted June 22, 2011
Blog: Class act
On Monday, I spent about 12 hours at the Capitol lobbying about one particular bill. It was one of those […] Posted June 22, 2011
PCC Foundation copes with popularity
As the economy continues to sputter, more students are taking advantage of the Foundation’s growing success and applying for scholarships in record numbers Posted June 17, 2011
Commissioner: Statewide enrollment up, state support down
Camille Preus, statewide ddressed the Portland Community College Board of Directors on Thursday, June 16, and said enrollments statewide grew again last year, serving more than 380,000 students. That is the seventh straight year of enrollment gains. Posted June 17, 2011
Art faculty hopes campaign a kick-starter to something bigger
His project involving a moving vehicle he created with help from PCC staff and students, won’t be funded unless he raises $3,500 by July 18 Posted June 16, 2011