Posted in June 2009

We’re outta here — the Legislature adjourns for 2009
Boom. Gonesville. The 2009 Legislature adjourned sine die last night at 9:45 p.m. “Sine die” is Latin for “without a […] Posted June 30, 2009
Life-sized elephant poised to find new home
This life-sized steel elephant created by Portland Community College welding student Alisa Roe will be moved from the Rock Creek […] Posted June 30, 2009
Cascade student's Big Underwear Tour to visit Latin America
Big things, it is often said, spring from big ideas. Or, in the case of Portland Community College Cascade Campus […] Posted June 30, 2009
Blog: The budget for Oregon’s 17 community colleges
The budget for Oregon’s 17 community colleges has just passed on the House floor and now goes to the governor […] Posted June 29, 2009
Paintings by local artist make a good 'Thank You'
Portland Community College’s Northview Gallery will feature the works of a local teacher. About 44 paintings of Ben Killen Rosenberg, […] Posted June 29, 2009
Pardon me, Stanford, but I'm going to Reed College
Portland Community College’s Mary Emily O’Hara is one of 23 transfer students from around the world to be accepted to […] Posted June 29, 2009
Instructors are designing greener programs at PCC
These days everybody is trying to find a way to be greener. Amanda Ferroggiaro, chair of the Interior Design program […] Posted June 29, 2009
K-12 feud between governor, Legislature is over
The great K-12 debate is over. Gov. Ted Kulongoski vetoed the Legislature’s budget for K-12 public schools. But now both […] Posted June 26, 2009
K-12 imbroglio leaes Legislature in limbo
I had predicted that the final gavel-fall of the 2009 session – known as sine die – would take place […] Posted June 25, 2009
Rep. Kotek slates town hall
The Legislature is likely to wrap up this week – or not, depending on the kerfuffle over the K-12 budget […] Posted June 24, 2009