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We’ll have bond-related goodies at In-Service

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For those of you playing at home, we’re 53 days from the election and about 36 days from ballots hitting your mailbox. Tempus is fugitting me upside the head.

But another big deadline is much, much closer. Monday is the district-wide In-Service. If you liked last year’s keynote speaker, Sir Ken Robinson, you’ll certainly enjoy this year’s guest, author and motivational speaker Kevin Carroll.

Is this bond related? No. Why am I writing about it? Well, because it’s kinda sorta bond related. In a way.

Because we’ll have…

…wait for it…

…bond buttons on the chairs in the gym, come Monday morning. The folks in Marketing and I are being besieged with requests for the “Ask Me About the Bond” buttons. I get requests for them almost every day. And because we’re menschy, we’re giving them away at In-Service.

See? Even if Kevin Carroll didn’t rock extremely hard – and he does – you’ve got a motivation to go to the district In-Service.

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