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Can the Secretary of State looking into the ethics of using a baby elephant? C'mon!

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So last week, I’m at an economic forum with President Pulliams to discuss the bond measure. Also on hand were folks with other bond measures, including a guy from the Oregon Zoo.

Who unfurls this huge banner of the new baby elephant.

The president nudges me on the shoulder and says, “Hey! How come we don’t have a baby elephant for our campaign! Isn’t that what I pay you for?”

Seriously. This is the ribbing I get from him when we’re in public events.

You do have to admit its freaky good luck. We’ve got workforce development and serving more students. They’ve got this incredibly cute critter. It’s good to be good but better to be lucky.

The president later went up and asked the zoo guy if the baby elephant is real or just a prop that they’ve stuck in the elephant paddock to rig the election. The fella says, yes, the baby’s real enough. However, they had considered asking Rose-Tu to hold up on delivering the tyke until late October, when more voters will be paying attention.

“I guess,” he added, “when a newborn weighs 235, it sort of comes when it’s good and ready.”

He has a point.

No word yet on plans to get our own baby elephant.

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