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Reduce commuter pollution, buy a Green Tag

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Do the right thing – be a "Green Commuter"! Do you know how much carbon your car emits into the atmosphere?

Buying Green tags put wind & solar power onto our power grid, thus offseting what your car has done. Think of this as a community effort for creating cleaner air. The average campus commuter only has to purchase one tag ($10) every term to create a neutral commute. Wow, that’s not very much money for such an important matter. You may purchase more than one green tag to go beyond just making your commute neutral.

Green Tags can be purchased at the:

* Rock Creek ASPCC, Bldg. 3, Room 128 (Student Center)

* Cascade ASPCC, SC 101

* Sylvania ASPCC, CC 101

Of your $10 purchase $5 goes toward funding Solar Power and the other $5 goes towards a sustainability project on your campus.

For more information contact:

Rock Creek,