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Learning Communities classes schedule set for fall

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The fall 2007 Sylvania Learning Communities courses are now available. The classes start Sept. 24 at the beginning of the term. These are regular 11-week courses running the duration of fall term.

Basecamp: Preparing for Your College Journey (7 Credits)

CG 100C College Survival and Success, Jennifer Lininger: CRN 45917, M 10:00-10:50

WR 90 Writing 90, Adon Arnett: CRN 40041, M/W 11:30-12:50

RD 90 Reading 90, Adon Arnett: CRN 40027, M/W 1:00-2:20

Become part of this linked reading, writing, and college survival and success team as we get an edge on the college journey. Students interested in a positive environment with a strong support system should enroll in this learning community. Mondays combine CG100C, WR90, and RD90. Wednesdays focus on WR and RD.

Scholarship Research and Writing (3 Credits)

CG 105 Scholarships, Finding $$ for College, Michael Morrow: CRN 46176 F 9:00-11:00

WR 199 Scholarship, Essay Writing, George Knox: CRN 46572 F 11:00-12:00

CG 105 Scholarships: Finding $$ for College and Writing 199 Scholarship Essay Writing are linked courses providing strategies, techniques and skills necessary for students to find, and apply for, college scholarships.

Self-paced Math and Study Skills (2 Credits)

CG 111C Study Skills for College Learning, Jo Lynn Dow: CRN 46174 TBA

ALC 61 Basic Math Review, Heiko Spoddeck: CRN 46297 TBA

This linked course allows the student to practice and apply study skills specific to material related to basic math and algebra in the self-paced math class. Math anxiety will be addressed.

Bridging Cultures Through Architecture (8 Credits)

Art 101 Introduction to Architecture, Elizabeth Bilyeu: CRN 40300 M/W 9:00-10:50,

WR 121 English Composition, Kathy O’Shaughnessy: CRN 46288 M/W 11:00-12:50

ART101-WR121 Bridging Cultures Through Architecture explores religious

and cultural diversity of built structures through field trips, visual

analysis and persuasive essays.

Into the Wild: Surviving Your Reading and Writing Adventure (7 credits)

RD 115, David Jacobsen: CRN 40020 M/W 1:00-2:20

WR 115, Lee Brayman-Cleary: CRN 40363 M/W 11:00-12:50

Join the adventure, as Reading 115 and Writing 115 combine to work on “Into the Wild”. Writing instructor Lee Brayman-Cleary and Reading instructor David Jacobsen will stimulate students to read, write, question, and define issues involving the search for self. Better readers make better writers.

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