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Clausen raves about Jackson Hall

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Larry Clausen, division dean of Medical Technology and Science division, looks around and likes what he sees in Jackson Hall. The smell of the new corridors and the shine of the new labs is enough to make anyone smile.But most importantly, it makes the students and faculty smile.labs."The faculty are excited,"Clausen said. "This not only will provide needed space but satisfy the educational needs of our students."By the looks and responses of the students, they’re enjoying the new labs. The classes were full on the first day and instructors were enjoying the state-of-the-art facilities. In total, there are six new science labs and two new classrooms."This is a great facility,"Clausen said. "It’s high-end, state-of-the-art and meets our program needs perfectly. It’s fantastic that we are able to offer the full requirement of classes now, thanks to the renovation."Clausen reported that the $6.2 million project opened, "without any major glitches."By all accounts, the new labs in the addition, the renovated classrooms and expanded office space will allow faculty and students much more breathing room.The Jackson Hall addition and remodel was ready Monday, Sept. 22 (first day of fall term), thanks to responsive and professional work from Central Services cleaning the building and having it ready for classes."It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of the new facility,"Clausen added. "But what it comes down to is that this is for the students, improving their access to education."

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