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Middle College Program

Cascade Campus TEB 125 | Coordinator: DaMarcus Redeau | Assistant Coordinator: Tahja Whiteley | Administrative Assistant: Carol Schulman


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Too many young people believe that college just isn’t an option. For students at Jefferson High School-Middle College for Advanced Studies in Portland, Oregon, college isn’t just a far-off dream – it’s part of everyday life.

The Middle College Partnership is a community collaboration between the Portland Public Schools district, Portland Community College, and Self-Enhancement, Inc, a local community-based educational nonprofit. Because of the Partnership, students at Jefferson High School-Middle College for Advanced Studies are earning college credit while they’re still enrolled in high school. By the time they graduate from high school, students have the potential to earn more than a year’s worth of college credits.

Get started on your future

To be eligible for the Middle College program you must:

  • Be enrolled at the Jefferson High School Middle College for Advanced Studies
  • Complete program prerequisites at Jefferson High School
  • Take the placement test and meet the minimum score requirements

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