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Program / Discipline Profiles 2017-18

The "Program Discipline Review Guidelines" are located at http://www.pcc.edu/resources/academic/program-review/

Templates for Program / Discipline Review located at the bottom of this link: program review template.

Program Review Dashboard Data Tables

The following dashboards are provided to assist faculty preparing for academic program/discipline review.

These dashboards are best viewed on a large screen using Chrome or Safari web browsers. Printing Guidelines here.

Additional reports

PCC 5 Year Trend of Degrees and Certificates Awarded

Distance Learning and On-Campus Course Success Rates pdf document.

Fall Trends Faculty Teaching Ratios by Sections Taught - summary pdf document.

Contact Laura Massey at email laura.massey@pcc.edu with additional requests for data not included in these tables.

Contact Nancy Benner Roberts at email nancy.benner1@pcc.edu if you have questions about dashboard functionality.

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