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Program / Discipline Profiles 2018-19

The "Program Discipline Review Guidelines" are located at http://www.pcc.edu/resources/academic/program-review/

Templates for Program / Discipline Review located at the bottom of this link: program review template.

Program Review Dashboard Data Tables

The following dashboards are provided to assist faculty preparing for academic program/discipline review.

These dashboards are best viewed on a large screen using Chrome or Safari web browsers. Printing Guidelines here.

Additional reports

PCC 5 Year Trend of Degrees and Certificates Awarded

Distance Learning and On-Campus Course Success Rates, contact IE Director, Laura Massey for data.

Fall Trends Faculty Teaching Ratios by FTE pdf document.

Useful Banner Reports for Program Review

SWRPR5Y Course Pass Rates by Student Demographics - 3 Terms Trend- by Term Only - PDF tutorial

SWRDEPF Course Pass Rates by Pass/No Pass and by Student Demographics - by Term or Academic Year -PDF tutorial

Contact Laura Massey at email laura.massey@pcc.edu with additional requests for data not included in these tables.

Contact Nancy Benner Roberts at email nancy.benner1@pcc.edu if you have questions about dashboard functionality.

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