Student success

At Portland Community College, equitable student success means that “Our student population reflects the diverse communities that we serve, our students graduate at a constantly increasing rate and disparities in student outcomes are significantly reduced or eliminated.”  

Equity gap refers to any disparity in a metric like graduation rate or term-to-term persistence along racial, socioeconomic, gender or other student characteristic.  These gaps lead the college to ask “what processes, policies or practices are in place that create or exacerbate these disparities? ” rather than “what is the student doing wrong?”

Equitable student success (YESS) metrics

The College’s Equitable Student Success Metrics, are comprised of both leading and lagging indicators.  Collectively they identify where progress is being made toward equitable student success as well as outcomes where equity gaps continue.

The following YESS Metrics summary reports include trended data and equity gaps disaggregated by race/ethnicity, gender and pell grant status.   Additional disaggregated data (i.e. age, enrollment intensity, etc.) can be accessed through the  Argos YESS programs.

Oregon pathways reporting

PCC’s Oregon Pathways Dashboards display early momentum metrics the college reports to the Oregon Student Success Center as part of the Oregon Pathways Project.  These metrics are similar but slightly different from PCC’s defined momentum points and the Postsecondary Data Partnership early momentum metrics.

Argos YESS reporting tool documentation

PCC faculty and staff may access the YESS Data Dictionary from the Institutional Effectiveness Spaces page.