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Fall 2023: Weekly OL Training Opportunities

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Please direct questions to the Online Faculty Help Desk, 971-722-8227, or email dlhelp@pcc.edu.

Instructional Technology Fall 2023

Workshop Schedule

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Fall 2023 Stipend eligibility & requirement:

This information doesn’t apply to QM, OLC, CTLE, and A11Y training. Please see the specific stipend information listed with that training.

  • Stipends are available thanks to strategic investment funds and accompany the redesign of our training program as part of our Bold Innovative Growth project.
  • Part-time instructors (NOT Community Ed instructors) are eligible for up to $100 in stipends based on completion of eligible ITS training sessions. Instructors will receive a $50 stipend per session for attending up to two (2) full live sessions. Payments will be calculated and processed at the end of the term. Session Attendees must complete a post-training survey.
  • Note: only attendance to a full live training session is eligible for the stipend. Sessions noted with “not eligible for stipend” or others, such as Info session: Term Readiness with ITS Team, Lunch Q&A with ITS Team, Sneak Peek of a new feature, PCC Online Learning: Open Lab for Instructors, etc., are not eligible for the stipend.

All workshops are subject to cancellation if no one has registered within 24 hours of the scheduled session. Check the schedule below to see if the session has been canceled.

Live sessions
Week 11 Training Opportunities – Live sessions

Stipend-Eligible sessions:

Non-stipend session:

All live sessions are subject to cancellation if no one has registered within 24 hours of the scheduled training. Check the calendar on the scheduled training day to see if it has been canceled.

Additional Resources
  • Recorded workshops & webinars: a variety of sessions to get you started with the instructional tools used at PCC. We’ve curated recordings for each session that we offer, such as culturally responsive teaching strategies, strategies for showing faculty presence, creative solutions for delivering course content, etc.
  • D2L Brightspace Guides: A list of all our PCC D2L Brightspace Guides and Video Tutorials.
  • Zoom Guides: A list of all Zoom tutorials and resources.
  • Creating Accessible Content: One-stop shop for resources on how to create accessible documents for class.
Accommodation Requests

Some sessions will have automated closed captioning. PCC provides accommodation for employees who experience disabilities to ensure we all are able to participate in employment-related activities.  Please make requests for accommodation by emailing adacoordinator@pcc.edu or calling 971-722-5869 at least five (5) working days before the date of need.

Can’t make it to a scheduled session or want help sooner?

Contact your Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS).