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Management and Confidential Employee Handbook

Table of Contents:


PCC Cornerstone

Section 1: Definitions

Section 2: Board Policies Relating To Employment.

Section 3: President’s Advisory Committee On Management And Confidential Compensation And Benefits

Section 4: Employee Responsibilities

Section 5: Appointment To Management & Confidential Positions

Section 6: Appointment Status – Management Employees

Section 7: Appointment Status – Confidential Employees

Section 8: Job Classification Review..

Section 9: Performance Assessment.

Section 10: Performance Management.

Section 11: Professional Development.

Section 12: Work Schedule

Section 13: Job Sharing.

Section 14: College Closures

Section 15: Employee Files

Section 16: Grievances

Section 17: Compensation.

Section 18: Employee Benefits

Section 19: Absences And Leaves

Section 20: General Employment Practices