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Vacant Positions

Vacant, full time and part-time annually budgeted positions will be filled through a formal recruitment process as established by Human Resources unless otherwise authorized by the President or the executive officer to whom the position ultimately reports. This applies to all vacant management, supervisory and confidential positions regardless of funding source(s). Screening committees may be used in the hiring process for all vacant positions.

Job vacancies may be advertised “staff only” and/or to the general public as approved by the respective Executive Officer. If the vacancy occurs in a position where there may be multiple internal candidates within the department where the vacancy exists, the vacancy may be posted intra-departmentally with the approval of the executive officer.  Economic conditions and in-house availability of candidates are among the factors that may be considered.

Vacant positions also may be filled by current staff either through transfer, reassignment or direct appointment as approved by the College President or designee.

Reassignments and Transfers

Employees may be reassigned or transferred to another position.  Reassignment occurs when either the College President or the executive officer (with the approval of the College President) determines that such a change is in the best interest of the College. The job change will be discussed with the employee and reasonable advance written notice will be provided. Reasons may include that the special skills, abilities and expertise of the employee are needed elsewhere or to meet other Management needs.

A transfer may occur at the request of the employee when approved by the appropriate executive officer or the President. Transfer requests may be approved by the executive officer when the current position of the requesting employee and the vacant position are both within the supervisory authority of the executive; when such a transfer request would cross such organizational lines, the request must be approved by the President. In either case, the employee requesting a transfer must first make a written request for transfer to their immediate supervisor with a copy to the appropriate executive officer.