Using Aira for support with visual content in Brightspace

AiraD2L has partnered with Aira to provide live assistance to blind or low-sighted users within the Brightspace environment.

How can Aira be enabled?

Using Aira is completely up to the user through the installation of the Aira smartphone app. You can download the app and learn more on D2L’s website.

Who can use Aira?

Everyone can download Aira’s free app on their smartphone. Using the Aira app is a subscription service that gets billed like a phone service. Some people with vision impairments might already have a subscription.

How does the Aira service work?

The user makes a video call through the app to Aira’s call center to get a visual task done. Aira’s agent views the context via the phone camera and instructs the user on how to go about the task. For example, if a user receives hand-written feedback on an assignment, the agent asks them to hold it up to the camera and then reads it out.

How does D2L’s offer work?

D2L has invested in Aira to make the app usage free for D2L customers for tasks involving the LMS. To get LMS-related calls exempted from the billing, the user must select D2L’s offer on the app. The agent will mark a call as exempt if the task involves the LMS.

Which calls qualify for D2L offer?

If the student finds an infographic or course content within Brightspace that does not yet have a text description, they can call Aira using the app and an agent will describe it for them. The service is not available on 3rd party tools or outside of the learning environment.

More information is available on the D2L Brightspace community site.